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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Department History

Department of Economic and Social History – Prof. Dr. Jan-Otmar Hesse & Prof. Dr. Sebastian Teupe

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Date News
09.08.2018 Semester Welcome Event
24.07.2018 Office hours during the semester break
08.06.2018 Lecture by Tobit van Damme on "National Identity, Multinational Companies and International Politics"
01.06.2018 Lecture by Brian Cheffins on "Law and the Divorcing of Ownership and Control in Corporate America"
09.05.2018 Lecture by Gareth Austin on "Researching African Economic History Today"
16.03.2018 Secretariat is closed from 3rd September until 14th September
16.03.2018 New Chair of Economics VII: Empirical Economic History
28.02.2018 Office Hours during the Semester Break
09.02.2018 Office Hours during the Semester Break
10.01.2018 Lecture by Mary O'Sullivan - Capital in Economic Theory & History

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