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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Department History

Department of Economic and Social History – Prof. Dr. Jan-Otmar Hesse & Prof. Dr. Sebastian Teupe

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Date News
02.07.2024 Research & Debate: Matthias Kemmerer (Commerzbank, Frankfurt) Banking Regulation 1970s and 1980s (4-6pm, S5, GWII)
11.06.2024 Research & Debate: Alexander Moradi (Bozen University) Narratives from European-African encounters (1400 - 1900) (4-6pm, S5, GWII)
04.06.2024 Research & Debate: Moritz Lubzcyk (ROCKWOOL Foundation Berlin) The Ms. Allocation of Talent: Could More Women in STEM Close the Innovation Gender Gap? (4-6pm, S5, GWII)
14.05.2024 Research & Debate: William G. Gray (Purdue University) Floating the System: How Currency Crises Broke Bretton Woods (4-6pm, S5, GWII)
23.04.2024 Research & Debate: Carola Stapper (University of Cologne) Consequences of Forced Labor: Evidence from Dutch Civilians after WWII (4-6pm, S5, GWII)

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