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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Department History

Department of Economic and Social History – Prof. Dr. Jan-Otmar Hesse & Prof. Dr. Sebastian Teupe

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Courses in the Winter term 2022/23

  • “Research and Debate,“ Colloquium, Mondays 18-20h (Prof. Dr. Sebastian Braun, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Teupe, Dr. Bang Dinh Nguyen)
  • "Foundations of Economic History I: Growth and Crises," Tutorial and Lecture, Mondays 10-12h, Wednesdays 8-10h (Braun)
  • "Foundations of Econonomic History III: States and Institutions," Lecture & Tutorial, Tuesdays 8-12h (Teupe)
  • "Introduction to Economic History," Lecture, Tuesdays 14-18h (Teupe)
  • "Diversity of Enterprise and Development: The Complexity of Business Development in Africa," Seminar, Thursdays 10-14h - Begin 8 Dec.-26 Jan. (Prof. Dr. Grietjie Verhoef-Uys) 
  • "The Busness of Money: Financial Development in Africa," Seminar, Thursdays 10.00.-12.00h - Begin 20 Oct.-1 Dec. (Verhoef-Uys)

Link to CAMPUSonline

An electronic course catalogue for the courses in Social and Economic History can be found here. Please not that due to new regulations by the examination office you need to sign up for all courses via CAMPUSonline! You will be forwarded to CAMPUSonline by clicking the link above.

Formal Guidelines for writing a term or final paper at the chairs for Economic and Social History ...

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Guidelines for writing an internship report for the MA Programme History & Economics ...

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Furthermore, the "Declaration of Authenticity" ...

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