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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Department History

Department of Economic and Social History – Prof. Dr. Jan-Otmar Hesse & Prof. Dr. Sebastian Teupe

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Date News
09.11.2023 Former MA History & Economics Student Dinara Mingaleeva receives 2023 award for young Scholars of the Arbeitskreis für kritische Unternehmens- und Industriegeschichte e.V. (AKKU)
17.01.2023  Professor Teupe Publishes Contribution to a "Global History of Inflation" in APuZ
28.09.2022 Out Now: Zeit des Geldes (Money Times) (Book by Prof. Teupe)
29.08.2022 Sekretariat closed between 29th August, 2022 and 16th Septemeber, 2022
28.06.2022 African Economic History Workshop
09.05.2022 Arrival of our new Guest Professor
09.05.2022 ​Research and Debate Talks
09.05.2022 Applications are still open
09.05.2022 Start of the Volkswagen European Challenges Project 
13.09.2021 ​Volkswagen Foundation - European Challenges Grant
22.08.2021 Sekretariat closed between 23rd August, 2021 and 10th Septemeber, 2021
25.05.2021 African Economic History Workshop
04.05.2021 Sekretariat closed between 14th May, 2021 and 24th May, 2021
01.05.2021 The DAAD Guest chair ‘African Economic History’ at the University of Bayreuth (2021-2023)
04.08.2020 Sekretariat closed between the 24th of August and the 11th of September 2020
04.06.2020 We have moved to a new building
05.05.2020 Sekretariat closed until 15th May
01.05.2020 Prof. Dr. Jan-Otmar Hesse has recently been interviewed by RND and Der Spiegel
17.11.2019 Wirtschaftsgeschichte - 2. aktualisierte Auflage
02.11.2019 Research and Debate - Public Talks
11.09.2019 Sekretariat closed until 29. September
04.08.2019 Admissions for the Master History & Economics
09.07.2019 Seminar "Economic History of France in Globalization" with upcoming deadline
25.04.2019 Research and Debate
25.04.2019 Conference »Global Value Chains in Modern Economic History«
18.01.2019 Call for Papers: »Global Value Chains in Modern Economic History«
09.08.2018 Semester Welcome Event
24.07.2018 Office hours during the semester break
08.06.2018 Lecture by Tobit van Damme on "National Identity, Multinational Companies and International Politics"
01.06.2018 Lecture by Brian Cheffins on "Law and the Divorcing of Ownership and Control in Corporate America"
09.05.2018 Lecture by Gareth Austin on "Researching African Economic History Today"
16.03.2018 Secretariat is closed from 3rd September until 14th September
16.03.2018 New Chair of Economics VII: Empirical Economic History
28.02.2018 Office Hours during the Semester Break
09.02.2018 Office Hours during the Semester Break
10.01.2018 Lecture by Mary O'Sullivan - Capital in Economic Theory & History
22.11.2017 Call for Papers: Business and the Law - Historical Perspectives on Legal Change
08.11.2017 Two Positions as Student Assistant
24.07.2017 Office Hours Prof. Hesse & Prof. Teupe (semester break)
17.02.2017 Office Hours Prof. Hesse & Prof. Teupe

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