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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences – Department History

Department of Economic and Social History – Prof. Dr. Jan-Otmar Hesse & Prof. Dr. Sebastian Teupe

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The DAAD Guest chair ‘African Economic History’ at the University of Bayreuth (2021-2023)


The DAAD Guest chair ‘African Economic History’ at the University of Bayreuth (2021-2023)

From the summer semester 2021 until the end of the winter semester 2022/23, the DAAD guest chair in ‘African Economic History’ will be established at the University of Bayreuth. The position is a part of the DAAD guest lecturer program enabling several guest Lecturers to be invited to the University of Bayreuth for a period of two years for stays of up to four months each. In recent times, the economic history of Africa has been extensively debated especially in the light of research findings by development economists like: Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson. At the ‘Africa Multiple’ cluster of excellence, a new research and teaching focus in economic history is available as the University of Bayreuth offers a unique environment for the reception of debates in the African economic history field. Read More

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